Dave Hood

Dave Hood has a Bachelor of Science degree and describes himself as a biologist, writer, and wildlife enthusiast. He was a safari guide for many years where he trained guides and trackers in South Africa and Zambia. Dave has extensive experience in tracking, and recently saw the launch of an app called iTrack Africa, that contains the results of years of  his work, research, measurment and photographs on the tracks and signs of Southern African wildlife  




Asisipho Mabuto

Asi grew up in the rural areas of the karoo and is passionate about young people and the outdoors. He is our paintball and munitions expert. Asi loves hunting, tracking and survival skills. He has been involved with planting vegetables and coaching sport at Orange Grove school and is our go-to guy for camp maintenance. He is fabulous with kids and loves to kindle fireside games in the boma during our evenings under the stars.




Ted Greenland

Ted has travelled extensively in Europe and Southeast Asia, guided safaris and various outdoor activities in the Middle East. He worked at a number of Outward Bound bases across South Africa for three years. He has over ten years of experience guiding trips and activities with a wide range of age groups. He runs our Explorers course and is a genius with educational games. He is passionate about bushcraft and rediscovering forgotten techniques, skills and crafts. He is incredibly creative and constantly inventing new experiences to challenge our campers.




Orange Grove Farm, Tarkastad


Contact Details

Dave Hood on +27 83 225 9476

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