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Club Archery

3D Competitions

Archery Camps

Club Archery


We have an active archery club affiliated with Orange Grove Schools. Our members are not limited to school pupils and we welcome new members of all ages. We hold weekly practice sessions and attend competitions. Our range can be used out of practice time by prior arrangement. Our current practice times are between 2 and 3 on Monday afternoon and between 4 and 5:30 on Wednesday afternoon. Membership includes:


  • Access to a recurve bow

  • Coaching

  • Use of our range and 3D targets

  • We can facilitate the purchase of a bow suited to you or provide a second-hand bow at a good rate

  • After one month of practice, archers must purchase their own arrows but we can supply these if needed.

3D Competitions

We have a full 3D archery range with animals ranging from a life-size Blue Wildebeest to foxes and rabbits. We host an annual shoot at this range. The shoot is a weekend affair and open to all archers in all disciplines except for cross bows. It is lots of fun and families are welcome to come and camp with us. We can organize kiddies activities and can provide tents for those not wanting to bring their own.


We can make the range available at other times on special request.

Archery Weekend


  • This 2 day course is tailored to the skill level of the archers but typically starts from the very basics and works up to some of the more technical points of shooting a bow.

  • The course focuses on the techniques involved in shooting efficiently with a recurve bow. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to shoot with a recurve bow as well as try out a compound bow.

  • Between shooting, participants will attend lectures on the parts and mechanics of both recurve and compound bows as well as the different bow types.

  • Basic bow tuning will be discussed.

  • Recreational activities between shooting and lectures include an obstacle course, climbing wall and swimming in a muddy dam!

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